Our Company

MICRODYN-NADIR is a membrane manufacturer that delivers the membrane products to meet all your water and process needs. We offer the widest range of membrane products, including MF, UF, NF, and RO in flat sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow-fiber configurations, as well as MBR technology for treatment of water and wastewater.

Our History

For over 50 years, MICRODYN-NADIR has been producing high-quality membrane products for use in industries across the globe.

Originally founded in 1966 as NADIR Filtration, our company became known as a technology leader in micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration. In 2003, NADIR Filtration and MICRODYN Modulbau merged to become MICRODYN-NADIR, and our impact in the membrane industry continues to grow.

Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, MICRODYN-NADIR’s footprint reaches to all corners of the globe. In 2006, MICRODYN-NADIR expanded to Asia with the founding of MICRODYN-NADIR China in Xiamen.

Since February 2015, MICRODYN-NADIR has operated as the water unit of global filtration titan MANN+HUMMEL. This partnership saw the additions of Ultra Flo Pte. (acquired in 2010 and renamed MICRODYN-NADIR Singapore) and MANN+HUMMEL Fluid Brasil (acquired in 2011) to the MICRODYN-NADIR global family.

In 2016, MICRODYN-NADIR acquired TriSep Corporation, the membrane industry’s leader for specialty and custom membrane solutions. Originally founded by Peter Knappe and James Bartlett in 1989, TriSep Corporation found immense success producing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes, as well as innovative sanitary spiral elements for the process and specialty industries.

A new BIO-CEL manufacturing facility opened in Austin, Texas in 2018. During the same year, the company acquired Oltremare SPA, the leading provider of private-labeled reverse osmosis spiral-wound elements in Europe. These new locations bring the total number of global offices to seven, with sales personnel and engineers located in dozens of countries on five continents.

Our Products

We continue to provide unmatched quality in the process and specialty industries with products such as TurboClean® sanitary elements and TRISEP® and SPIRA-CEL® spiral-wound membrane elements.

Our continued success in those industries has allowed us to invest heavily in the water and wastewater sector, which includes our innovative MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR, MICRODYN RO (reverse osmosis), MICRODYN OLTREMARE and MICRODYN iSep™ and SpiraSep™ ultrafiltration modules.

Our Vision

Throughout the name changes, acquisitions and new product lines, our vision remains unchanged: make the world a better place by supplying superior membrane solutions. In simple terms, our vision is to make clean water.

MICRODYN-NADIR is your one-stop-shop for membrane filtration products. Let us show you that we have the products, passion and expertise to handle any and all challenges.

Whether our customers need replacements for other manufacturers’ discontinued products, specialty element construction for challenging process environments, or a new product developed, MICRODYN-NADIR offers membrane solutions that a standard membrane supplier cannot provide.

Our Values

We care for our customers. We believe in continuously creating new value by separating the useful from the harmful. Based on our passion for filtration, we shape the future by developing and providing outstanding solutions: quality products, first class service and innovative technology.

For this, we apply our corporate values, which provide the guidelines and underlying principles when dealing with customers, employees, society and the environment.

These are our FILTER values.

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