MICRODYN SpiraSep™ 960 Ultrafiltration

Typical isep modular cassette

MICRODYN SpiraSep™ 960 ultrafiltration (UF) modules feature a vacuum-driven, submerged, backwashable, spiral-wound membrane design with superior operating performance over conventional hollow fiber formats. The unique design characteristics of a spiral-wound membrane with open feed channels allow SpiraSep modules to handle the solids levels seen in high fouling water and wastewater streams. An advanced aeration process combined with periodic backwashing easily removes particulate matter from the membrane surface. The low net driving pressure of an immersed system minimizes energy costs and membrane fouling.

With a design built to handle high fouling water and wastewater streams, SpiraSep modules eliminate the need for extensive pre-treatment for UF systems, such as clarifiers, thus reducing cost, complexity, and footprint. Its ability to directly treat some of the most difficult water and wastewater streams allows SpiraSep to drastically reduce capital and operational costs while simplifying the overall treatment process.

Features & Benefits

  • Spiral-Wound

  • High Solids Tolerance

  • Nominal 0.03 Micron Pore Size

  • PVDF & PES Membranes Available

  • Integrated Aeration

Product Guides

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