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TurboClean® Food & Dairy elements provide proven results in the face of the rigorous cleaning common to the dairy industry.  

DS Food & Dairy net-wrapped sanitary elements have a long history of outstanding, stable field performance.

TurboClean® Beverage elements are ideal for purification, clarification, and concentration in the beverage production process. Our TurboClean® Beverage CA elements are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use in drinking water applications.   

TurboClean® High Purity Elements are used in applications which demand ultrapure water such as dialysis, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor rinse water.

PS net-wrapped sanitary membrane elements for pharmaceutical applications have a long history of outstanding, stable field performance.

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SPIRA-CEL® E-Coat Paint

SPIRA-CEL® E-Coat elements were specifically developed for use in the process of electrophoretic coating. The use of these modules in e-coat applications reduces wastewater, allows for paint recovery, and reduces chemical and discharge costs.

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TurboClean® Process elements are used in a wide variety of applications, and are available in a number of different spiral-wound configurations.

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TurboClean® High Temp & Warm Temp

TurboClean® High Temp elements can withstand continuous operation up to 80°C, ideal for applications such as boiler condensate recovery and pharmaceuticals. TurboClean® Warm Temp elements can withstand continuous operation up to 60°C.

SPIRA-CEL® OX & OY elements have an outstandingly high stability against temperature and pH. They may be used to clean caustic (OX) & acid (OY) solutions and may be used in biotechnological applications where extreme cleaning conditions are required.


Elements for water purification are fiberglass wrapped and are commonly used in the treatment of brackish water and tap water. 

These elements are NSF/ANSI 61 certified for use in drinking water applications. 

Older systems designed specifically for a product that is now discontinued are no longer a problem. Microdyn-Nadir offers direct replacements for legacy Osmonics, Desal, and 8.5" diameter elements.