TriPol™ Antiscalants

Extensive knowledge of membrane fouling characteristics allowed MICRODYN-NADIR to develop its own line of membrane support chemicals including cleaners, antiscalants, and other support chemicals. TriPol™ antiscalants provide maximum protection against membrane scale and have the following features and benefits:

  • NSF certified drinking water treatment chemicals

  • Guaranteed compatibility with modern membrane technologies

  • Chemical dosing projections available upon request

 TriPol™  NSF Certified  Target Species  Technical Data Sheet  Safety Data Sheet
 8510  Carbonates, sulfates, metals  TriPol 8510 TDS  TriPol 8510 SDS
 9010  Carbonates, sulfates, phosphates  TriPol 9010 TDS  TriPol 9010 SDS
 9510  Carbonates, sulfates, silica  TriPol 9510 TDS  TriPol 9510 SDS

In addition to the standard antiscalants above, MICRODYN-NADIR also offers:

  • TriPol 8525: concentrated form of TriPol 8510 - SDS
  • TriPol 9025: concentrated form of TriPol 9010 - SDS
  • TriPol 9525: concentrated form of TriPol 9510 - SDS

TriClean™ Membrane Cleaners

In normal operation, membrane elements can become fouled, leading to a loss in system performance. TriClean™ cleaners help your system reach and maintain optimum performance while offering the following features and benefits:

  • Cost effective cleaning

  • Guaranteed compatibility with modern membrane technologies

  • Available in powder and liquid forms

210 212TF 214TF 310
   Technical Data Sheet  210 TDS  212TF TDS  214TF TDS  310 TDS
   Safety Data Sheet  210 SDS  212TF SDS  214TF SDS  310 SDS
   pH Low High High Low
   Type Powder Powder Liquid Liquid
   Membrane TF, CA* TF TF TF, CA

In addition to the general purpose cleaners above, MICRODYN-NADIR offers several specialty cleaners to target unique applications. These include: