Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
Like us Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions. Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.

SEPRODYN® Tubular Modules

Tubular Modules for Fine Filtration


SEPRODYN® filters are crossflow microfiltration modules used to separate suspended solids larger than 1.0 micron. The highly porous membrane contributes to a very high product flux and, with the ability to employ periodic back flush, stable and efficient processes for water filtration and wastewater treatment are achievable.


Stable tubular membrane modules – usable across the full pH range 0 to 14


SEPRODYN® tubular modules use a smart processing technique that allows membranes to be used in applications which require highly stable polymer materials. These membrane modules can be used across the entire pH-range from 0 to14 and are especially recommended in applications that require a high resistance against abrasive substances.


SEPRODYN® tubular modules for the filtration of solutions with high solids content


SEPRODYN® membranes are self-supporting and extremely robust tubular membranes. Because of their large inner diameter of 5.5 mm, liquids with a high percentage of suspended solids can be filtered. The SEPRODYN® solution offers an extremely high packing density per module.

The tubular membranes are made of ultra-high molecular polyethylene made in a patented process by MICRODYN-NADIR. The membrane structure is symmetrical and even across the entire wall thickness. This ensures that the membrane separation performance is not affected when the membrane surface is damaged by abrasive material. The membranes are welded together with the housing. Since the housing and the membrane are both Polyethylene, a very stable bond between the membranes and the housing is achieved.


For further questions regarding sizing and selection please do not hesitate to contact an official MICRODYN-NADIR representative. Please contact phone + 49 611 962 6001 or e-mail to info(at)microdyn-nadir.com

Your Benefits

  • extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion
  • high packing density per module
  • filtration can be performed in both directions
  • high solids tolerance
  • backflushing with chemical solutions
  • minimized dead zones

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