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Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
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Tubular and Capillary Modules for the Microfiltration


MICRODYN tubular and capillary filter modules have been developed for crossflow microfiltration. This type of crossflow microfiltration represents a modern filtration method for the separation of suspended particles or emulsified liquids.


MICRODYN – high integrity due to symmetrical membrane structure


The highly porous symmetrical structure of the MICRODYN membrane leads to extremely high permeability rates. The pore size distribution is very narrow making sharp separations possible. The MICRODYN membrane is very resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage due to its homogeneous construction, unlike asymmetrically structured ceramic membranes. It also has great chemical resistance because of the material properties of polypropylene.


MICRODYN modules: hollow fiber modules, capillary modules and tubular modules


The MICRODYN membranes are available as hollow fibers, capillaries and tubes. Capillary and hollow fiber membranes are potted in the module housing. The centrifugal casting of the potting material guarantees high product quality. Tubular membranes are welded together integrally with the housing. This makes gaskets or other sealing materials unnecessary. The modules are therefore extremely chemically stable and robust (pH range 0 to14).


High and stable filtration performance with MICRODYN polypropylene membrane modules


Any surface deposits formed during filtration can be easily minimized by:


  • adjusting the velocity of the feed flow
  • periodic back washing (PRS)
  • chemical cleaning in reverse flow to the filtration flow


These mechanisms result in consistently high performance levels and many years of trouble-free operation. Polypropylene is resistant to many organic and inorganic chemicals, including most acids and caustics, with the exception of oxidants. The MICRODYN microfiltration modules can be used for the filtration of most liquids and mixtures of these chemicals.


For further questions regarding sizing and selection please do not hesitate to contact an official MICRODYN-NADIR representative. Please contact phone + 49 611 962 6001 or e-mail to info(at)microdyn-nadir.com

Your Benefits

  • well defined flow conditions
  • high packing density per module
  • minimized dead zones
  • extremely resistant to abrasion
  • backflushing with chemicals
  • reduced specific energy consumption

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