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Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules for Water Filtration (Ultrafiltration)


The conventional treatment of water is based on a multi-step process including pre-filtration, precipitation/flocculation/coagulation, sedimentation, sand filtration and finally disinfection.

Despite this complex process technology a constant effluent quality at raw water deviations is not always possible. Therefore, the dosage of additives needs to be adjusted which could result in high operating costs.


Physical separation processes with membrane technology – ultrafiltration for water filtration


Physical separation processes using membrane technology, on the other hand, display another wastewater treatment option. Especially ultrafiltration is an established technology with respect to environmentally friendly and almost residue-free water treatment processes.


Double asymmetric hydrophilic low fouling/high flux hollow fiber membranes


The MICRODYN AQUADYN® hollow fiber modules with their hydrophilic low fouling – high flux membranes are excellent solutions for the efficient treatment of large volumes of water. They are operated in dead end mode.

The double asymmetric hollow fiber membranes, which are integrated in our ultrafiltration modules for water filtration, offer another advantage over single asymmetric membranes. Bacteria, solids and turbidity can be rejected effectively due to a filtration layer (ultrafiltration membrane) inside and outside the hollow fiber. Therefore, problems such as pore clogging during backflush do not occur.


Plant engineering – plant operation – applications for MICRODYN AQUADYN® modules

Plant Structure


  • compact design allows for smaller plant sizes
  • high level of automation possible


Plant Operation


  • easy pre-treatment even at high raw water turbidity
  • continuously high and stable permeate performance
  • modular construction provides high flexibility for fluctuations in water demand
  • high recovery rates
  • minimal cleaning demand resulting in:
    • less permeate consumption for cleaning
    • high operational availability
  • low operating costs

Applications for MICRODYN AQUADYN® ultrafiltration modules


  • effluent treatment after biological treatment plants
  • pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (sea water desalination and boiler feed production)
  • stormwater treatment
  • production of industrial water from river water
  • cooling water
  • filtration of industrial water for the food industry
  • borehole water treatment
  • karst water filtration
  • drinking water filtration


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DAICEN Membrane Systems Ltd. is the manufacturer of the AQUADYN® FT 50 modules
and markets and distributes them under the registered trademark MOLSEP®. AQUADYN®
is a registered trademark of MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH in Europe.



Your benefits

  • high flow rates (high hydrophilicity)
  • high and stable permeate performance
  • most reliable process (double asymmetric hollow fiber membranes)
  • effective retention of particles and bacteria
  • easy pre-treatment (100 μm)
  • compact installation
  • high productivity
  • flexible flushing modes
  • low chemical demand

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