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Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
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Innovative Membrane Technology for Water Filtration and Water Treatment


Water is increasingly gaining importance. Not only is this the case in arid regions but also in countries like Germany. Water is a limited resource and is necessary for the preservation of human life and economic growth. In both cases quality and availability play a major role.


Essential challenges in wastewater treatment: efficiency, costs and effluent quality


The essential challenges of today are to ensure cost effective treatment and recycling processes for water and wastewater.
Membrane technology solves this task by being an innovative and trendsetting technology. Today membranes are successfully used in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater as well as for the production of drinking and process water from surface water. The water to be treated is often times surface water but can also be well water or water from sewage works effluents. Despite varying influent parameters, constant high effluent quality on the filtrate side as well as a stable process need to be guarantied.


Advanced water filtration and water treatment with MICRODYN-NADIR


MICRODYN-NADIR offers hollow fiber membranes installed in module cartridges of different sizes for efficient and advanced water treatment.

The portfolio has further been extended by a selection of hollow fiber modules for water filtration in 2014 in line with the former Joint Venture with MANN+HUMMEL GmbH. In February 2015 MANN+HUMMEL acquired another 50% of MICRODYN-NADIR. Ever since, MICRODYN-NADIR has been a 100 % subsidiary of MANN+HUMMEL. Being the water specialist MICRODYN-NADIR is now the new headquarter of MANN+HUMMEL´s Water Division.

Applications for membrane technology within the Water Sector


  • effluent treatment after biological treatment
  • pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (sea water desalination and boiler feed production)
  • stormwater treatment
  • production of industrial water from river water
  • cooling water
  • filtration of industrial water for the food industry
  • borehole water treatment
  • karst water filtration
  • drinking water filtration

Your benefits

  • various choices of membranes and cut-offs
  • high thermal and chemical resistance
  • backwashable with process fluid or chemicals
  • effective retention of bacteria and solids

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