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Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
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Food and Beverage

Membrane Filtration within the Food and Beverage Industry


Membrane technology - as a modern and innovative technology - has advanced significantly in the last few years and has established itself in different sectors. The trend towards "specialized" membranes for specific applications is increasingly taking root resulting in spiral wound modules and membrane technology establishing themselves as state of the art technology within the food processing industry.


Membrane technology – Stae of the art technology within the Food Industry

Combining the right membrane with the right module configuration!


Choosing the right membrane and combining it with the optimum module configuration has a tremendous impact on the process stability. Especially in the food industry, extremely high requirements with regards to the manufacturing process and resulting certifications are key components of the product offering. Professional quality management, working closely with R&D and experienced production staff in order to deliver the perfect membrane for any application is the only way to meet and address those growing demands and stringent obligations. Our production implements our customer´s demands and requirements in every respect, for example regarding quality, hygiene, certification of products and resources. We see frequent customer audits as one option to improve our processes continuously.


Years of experience in membrane filtration and separation technologies with membranes


An experienced contact person is an indispensable pre-condition to an optimum operation of a plant. With more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of membranes and modules, MICRODYN-NADIR is a reliable partner for its customers.


Applications for membrane technology within the Food and Beverage Industry


  • Standardization of milk
  • Cream cheese production
  • Concentration of liquid egg and gelatine
  • Whey concentration
  • Clarification of cheese brine
  • Clarification of fish brine
  • Filtration of marinades
  • Vinegar filtration
  • Clarification of juices
  • Clarification of wine
  • Defattening of whey

Your Benefits

  • sanitary design
  • sharp cut-offs
  • high thermal and chemical resistance
  • FDA compliant materials

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Submerged MBR-Modules