Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
Like us Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions. Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.


on Technologically Advanced Level

MICRODYN-NADIR has a worldwide reputation for its innovative membrane products for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. A global player today, the company maintains strong links with its origins. Its headquarters are located at the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park in Wiesbaden, Germany, where the MICRODYN-NADIR story began more than 50 years ago.

Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration – Membrane Technology at its best!


Our high quality flat sheet membranes are based on designs which were originally developed at the former Hoechst AG. They are produced in one of the world’s largest membrane casting machines.

These flat sheet membranes are processed into a variety of membrane module types. Also we manufacture tubular membranes and various capillary membranes.


Our membrane and module portfolio



Highly automated membrane manufacture and module production – Quality is our main aim!

Our membrane manufacture and module production are maintained at a constantly high technical level. Almost all stages of the manufacturing process are automated to guarantee a consistent quality of our membranes and modules which we can pass on to our customers. Our highly qualified and experienced production team places quality and quality assurance at the foundation of all our processes. Besides the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system clients approve our quality standards in regular company audits.

Our demands on quality and consistency equally apply to our module production unit in China which was successfully established in 2006. Moreover, we produce our high quality hollow fiber membranes and modules at our subsidiary in Singapore.


10 % of our yearly turnover is being invested in R&D


Our highly proficient R&D team is continuously developing innovative products and is always looking for new opportunities in order to assure sustainable improvement in products and processes. This commitment to innovation is essential to open up new applications for membrane technology.

Your benefits

  • 50 years of experience
  • our own membrane production facility
  • global player and manufacturer
  • quality control management system (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified)
  • competent research and development
  • experienced and involved staff


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MICRODYN-NADIR debuted a new...


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