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Pharma and Biotech

Membrane Technology within the Pharma and Biotech Industry

Fermentation - a core process in Biotechnology


Fermentation is the production of substances facilitated by yeasts, bacteria or cells. These processes are well established in the production of pharmaceuticals and in the food industry. In addition, fermentation processes have gained importance in the so-called “white” or industrial biotechnology for the production of enzymes, bulk chemicals, and, last but not least, biofuels.


Membrane Technology - the key technology for fermentation


The isolation of the pure product from the fermentation broth displays a major challenge to modern separation technology. Membrane technology has established itself as a key technology in this field since it offers several unique advantages compared to thermal, physical or chemical separation techniques. Membranes are often installed upstream of the cultivation tank to pre-treat the raw material. They are used for cleaning, fractionation or concentration during the processing of the products. Furthermore, they are essential for the production of ultrapure water and closed water loops.

Membrane technology by MICRODYN-NADIR: state of the art membranes and modules


MICRODYN-NADIR looks back onto more then 50 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and application of membranes and modules. Based on this expertise, we have contributed to the continuous advancement of membrane technology - especially in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.


Today MICRODYN-NADIR’s membranes and modules are installed at leading, globally operating, biopharmaceutical companies in the production of monoclonal antibodies, human and veterinary vaccines, antibiotics, transgenic proteins, enzymes and other pharmaceutical


Applications for membrane filtration within the Pharma and Biotech Industry


  • Treatment of influent to fermentation processes
  • Separation of cells or cell culture media from fermentation broths
  • Microfiltration in upstream processes as pre-treatment to further purification
  • Concentration of target products with ultrafiltration or nanofiltration
  • Membrane filtration as pre-treatment
  • Diaflitration of feed water
  • Production of ultrapure water

Your Benefits

  • sharp cut-offs
  • easy cleaning
  • sanitary design
  • FDA compliant materials

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