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Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
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E-Coat / Automotive

Surface finishing - Electrophoretic Coating and More – Membrane Filtration (UF) within the Automotive Sector


In recent years membrane filtration has become well established within various processes for priming metal products. Within the process of electrophoretic coating ultrafiltration is accepted worldwide as the state of the art technology and finds its application within the coating of various products, such as car bodies, automotive parts, household appliances, radiators and office furniture.


Ultrafiltration with membrane modules by MICRODYN-NADIR


For the ultrafiltration of electrophoretic paint MICRODYN-NADIR is an established producer of membranes and spiral wound modules. These are successfully applied for the filtration of cathodic and anodic electro coat paint.


Various applications for our ultrafiltration modules


In addition to this key application, MICRODYN-NADIR products offer further reliable solutions within the process of


  • metal finishing like the recovery of spray paint
  • the life-time extension of degreasing baths
  • the life-time extension of dip rinses.


The use of SPIRA-CEL® modules allows for a cost effective operation of an ultrafiltration system within the process of electrophoretic coating.

NADIR® membranes show a high resistance towards solvents and temperature over a wide pH range and, as they are made out of a specially developed polymer, they permanently maintain their hydrophilic properties despite frequent cleaning during their operational lifetime.

Applications for SPIRA-CEL® Spiral Wound Modules (UF) in the Automotive Sector

  • Filtration of cathodic electrophoretic paint (CEP)
  • Filtration of anodic electrophoretic paint (AEP)
  • Paint recycling
  • Water based spray paint recovery
  • Degreasing baths servicing and maintenance

Your Benefits

  • high flux performance
  • high packing density (space saving installation)
  • various choices of module dimensions

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Submerged MBR-Modules