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Microdyn Nadir - The art to clear solutions.
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BIO-CEL® Basics

The animation describes how the submerged BIO-CEL® module works and how it is being operated. The filtration cycle as well as the cleaning cycles via backflush with permeate or if needed with chemicals are being depicted. Cross-Flow Filtration in biological wastewater treatment. 




The BIO-CEL® Modules are being aerated with PUR aerators (fine bubble aeration). Energy savings, optimized oxygen transfer, highest efficiency due to cross flow operation as well as equal air distribution are the resulting advantages when talking about biological wastewater treatment with BIO-CEL®




The unique BIO-CEL® laminate technology allows for a self-healing of the  BIO-CEL® sheets through the help of the biomass in the system. Even in case of severe damage caused to the membrane the compromised part heals itself. Therefore, the originally high effluent quality can be restored in less than 2 minutes. The movie depicts the self-healing principle on a lab scale.




The BIO-CEL® modules are the only product available on the market which is mechanically cleanable. The chemical free operation of Membrane Bioreactors can be made possible with the use of MCP. Small, inert plastic granules are being added into the filtration tank. They are being transported in the module by the help of the cross flow aeration. The plastic granules are moving along the membrane pockets and help to reduce the cake layer which is building up on the membrane surface during filtration. A continuously high permeability and constant flow rates can therefore be secured. The MCP (Mechanical Cleaning Process)  is only applicable in conjunction with BIO-CEL® modules as it is a process-integrated feature of the BIO-CEL®. Other module types do not incorporate the required constructional and hydraulic characteristics to perform a mechanical cleaning.


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