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MICRODYN-NADIR is showcasing their newly-improved MICRODYN BIO-CEL® L-2 MBR module at WEFTEC September 23-25, with recent innovations making it the most advanced BIO-CEL product yet.

The company manufactures membranes for water, wastewater, and process applications, and will be displaying a BIO-CEL L-2 module in booth 5545 at WEFTEC in Chicago. MICRODYN-NADIR is part of MANN+HUMMEL, a leader in global filtration, and operates as part of their Life Science and Environment (LS&E) division.

BIO-CEL MBR, manufactured by MICRODYN-NADIR, is a true hybrid technology that marries the best features of hollow fiber and flat-plate designs. For example, maintenance cleaning requirements can be 83%-95% less than the leading hollow fiber technology. One of the most efficient technologies in the MBR market, the main advantage is an unprecedented resistance to clogging. Maintenance requirements are easier, safer, and more cost effective compared to plate systems. Factory tests suggest that recent innovations in the L-2 modules are substantially more robust as compared to older designs.

Launched in 2005, there are now over 500 installations of BIO-CEL worldwide, including more than 50 plants in the USA alone. BIO-CEL modules for the U.S. market are made in Wiesbaden, Germany, using membranes made in Goleta, California. Microdyn MBR Systems, LLC is an exclusive partner for MICRODYN-NADIR, serving the U.S. municipal market. Together, MICRODYN-NADIR, MANN+HUMMEL, and our partners are dedicated to providing the best technology and the best support in the industry.

With environmental concerns such as water resources top-of-mind, MANN+HUMMEL is investing in green technologies. They are dedicated to servicing the U.S. market and driving MBR technology to the next level. Visit the MICRODYN-NADIR booth at WEFTEC to learn more.