To Our Valued Customers,

Thank you very much for your business and interest in MICRODYN-NADIR membrane products. We greatly enjoy working with you and are continually looking for ways to better serve you.
In our ongoing efforts to provide you with excellent customer service, MICRODYN-NADIR US, Inc. has hired an additional Customer Service Representative located in Goleta, CA. We are pleased to have Sonya Delgado on our team as she brings 20 years of experience working with customers. With Sonya as an additional resource, we will be able to answer your questions, handle your requests, and process your orders more quickly.
To increase our expanded customer service team’s ability to serve you best, we have created a new customer service contact e-mail address: sales.mnus@microdyn-nadir.com. For all of your future customer service inquiries at MICRODYN-NADIR, including placing orders, order status updates, general questions, and more, please use this e-mail address. If you prefer to call, feel free to call us at 805-964-8003 ext.265.
At MICRODYN-NADIR, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We hope that the expansion of our customer service team demonstrates how important you, as customers, are to us as a company. Thank you again for your business, and please do not hesitant to contact us using the information below.



Best Regards,

Lyndsey Wiles                                                  Jon Goodman
Global Customer Service Manager                Global Commercial Director
l.wiles@microdyn-nadir.com                            j.goodman@microdyn-nadir.com