Water & Wastewater

We have the membrane products to meet your water & wastewater needs. From our technologically advanced MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR to our high rejection MICRODYN RO elements, we have the widest range of membranes available for every step of your water treatment process.  

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PROcess & Specialty

From food & dairy to pharmaceutical & dialysis, we customize membrane products to meet your specific process requirements. We offer MF, UF, NF and RO membranes, including TRISEP® spirals, innovative TurboClean® hard-shell sanitary spirals, SPIRA-CEL® net-wrapped spirals and tubular & capillary modules.

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CUSTOMIZEd Membrane Solutions

MICRODYN-NADIR is the membrane industry's leader when it comes to manufacturing custom & specialty spiral wound membrane elements. Whether it's new product development, made to order specialty construction, the replacement of a discontinued membrane element, or a custom product uniquely tailored to meet your specific need, MICRODYN-NADIR can build it. 

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